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Embodied Impact Summit 2024

A women's in-person gathering for creatives & entrepreneurs to get support, move beyond self-doubt & burn out, & expand to their next level of impact in their businesses

This is NOT a retreat...

where you will be passively consuming and taking a luxurious “break” from your life. 

This is a Summit Gathering

that is about true collaboration & the impact that gets to happen when you stop doubting yourself & start co-creating & expanding with other women by your side

For 5 days immerse yourself  in nature, slow down & discover what is needed for your next level of impact in a group of highly committed women in the sacred lands of Alentejo Portugal. 




  • Is pursuing or already on the path of entrepreneurship & wants to AMPLIFY herself and other expansive women around her who are creating impact vs. the old model of comparing and competing

  • Is ready to become more visible & build her nervous system's capacity to hold her next level of impact 

  • Is ready to meet new edges & build  more confidence & trust in what she is offering 

  • ​Is ready to devote space, dedicated focus, & time to giver her work & her body the attention and nourishment it deserves

  • Is over doing it all by herslef and is ready to  RECEIVE support, COLLABORATE, have more fun while networking and co-creating

  • Is ready to dive deeper into the fear, anger, & fully expressed joy  her body is holding and utilize it for her creative projects

  • Knows she has more to offer and is ready to unlock deeper layers of access to her life force energy through her somatic body

Spanische Küste

"Unless you make timeand space for your creativityit will not come through"

-Sigourney Belle author of Wild Business

When women gather to elevate themselves & each other, to move beyond their subconscious fears...

New ideas come to fruition, creative projects are born, businesses re-imagined, & ultimately profound transformation and healing occurs. 


Creativity & your soul's work is not something that happens by yourself or as a concept in your mind. It happens somatically, in real time  as a felt sense body-based experience & is AMPLIFIED WITH OTHERS. 


This is where your next level of creation and impact awaits you. This is THE EMBODIED IMPACT SUMMIT. This is where the  MAGIC & BIGNESS of YOU unfolds, in collaboration with nature and other women. 


What to expect

Below are the key phases and topics we will move through throughout our time together.  Keep in mind depending on the needs & skills the group content may be adjusted. Dedicated co- creation spaces throughout the entire week. 

Phase 1: Taking Inventory

Phase 2: Accessing The Creator

Phase 3: Amplify & Expand

  • Identifying outdated working structures 

  • Identifying survival strategies

  • Repatterning limiting beliefs and nervous system imprints

  • Cultivating foundational safety in the body & business

  • Slowing down & attuning to unique rhythms & cycles 

  • Where is your energy going? 

  • Intentions & necessities

  • Communing with the heart of your work - Cacao & somatic journey 

  • Day of silence in nature for stillness and solitude 

  • Unblocking the creator within

  • Riding the waves of your life-force energy 

  • Holding contractions & expansions 

  • Radical Self expression sessions

  • Creating from the unknown

  • Group Integration of shadow principles 

  • Opening up to RECEIVE more

  • Content creating spaces for filming, recording and co-creating

  • Money energetics & your work

  • The relationship with social media & discovering multiple ways to share your messages online & offline - group work

  • Owning your fears & taking the stage 

  • Rapid learning & feedback

  • Creating supportive structures and systems for sustainability in your working life

  • Defining next steps 

Summit Mission & Manifesto

We came together to create and host THE FIRST EVER Embodied Impact Summit because we believe the world is in need of it now more than ever!   This Summit is designed for women to slow down, team up, amplify each other's voices,  deepen their missions, & bring more  confidence & supportive systems to their projects & businesses.


On our personal journey’s as business owners, creators, travelers, & practitioners, our businesses have become medicine & a path of evolution.  We are committed to supporting you to do the same so that you can expand your capacity to serve, play, create, love, & transform your darkness into light for the benefit of all. 


The Embodied Impact Summit is about creating new culture of work through deep reciprocity, mutual benefit for all, and through the embodiment and expansion of your soul's mission. We're here for it!


Sophie & Bishop 


Sample Schedule 

​Important note

Each day will differ depending on what is needed in the space. The nature of the morning and afternoon collective sessions will also differ throughout the week as we dive deeper into what is asking to be shared. Throughout the Summit there will be a dedicated content creation space for you to take advantage of to record, interview each other, & co-create LIVE for  during the break out spaces! 

Morning practice

(variation of meditation, breathwork, & movement) 

Nourishing Breakfast 

Morning group collective session 

Morning Break Out Space 

(time for partner work or solo creative time) 

Nourishing Lunch 

Afternoon group collective session 

Afternoon Creation Break Out Space 

(time for partner work or solo creative time) 

Nourishing Dinner 

Evening wind down & chill 


"We have to be okay with not knowing & not needing to know, & actually allow something bigger to work through us"

-Sigourney Belle




  • 5 nights accommodation at Aterra Eco Boutique Resort 

  • 3 nourishing fresh organic vegetarian meals a day 

  • Ceremonial led breathwork, cacao & somatic journeys

  • Daily Morning practices 

  • 5 full days of creative initiations, healings, creations spaces, business talks, somatic work, content creation time, and co-creative/ collaborative feedback spaces to ignite you into creating your next level of Impact

  • A network  & community to support your work longterm & define possible opportunities for shared projects  

  • Group Integration Session the following month for folllow up support & accountability 


they opened up energetic spaces that set so much in motion & provided powerful tools that work on a completely different level than I've ever experience




Dear women,

Together, we will co-create a space of amplification.
We want to learn more about you!

Please fill out the following form to register

17 - 22 May 2024

Alentejo / Portugal

Aterra Eco Boutique




Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-22 um 17.48.18.png


Transport yourself to the stars whilst lying in the bath or gazing through the space-ship like window in this round, flamboyant yurt. Feel the charm of this womb like organic structure that encloses you in a comfortable, cosy space.

*  Up to 4 people shared

*  1 double bed, 2 single beds

*  Private bathroom*

* Terrace with seating area

*  Wood burner

Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-22 um 17.56.09.png


Wooden Chalett

Wooden Chalett Terrace


Indulge your senses as you retreat to this hidden treasure up in the forest. This secluded chalet gives you a feel of sustainable living in a natural building where you can feel and smell the wood and cork surrounding you.

* 2 or 4 people shared | 2 rooms

*  1 double bed,

*  2 single bunk beds

*  Fully equipped house

kitchen, living room, bathroom and terrace with seating area

Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-22 um 17.56.36.png


Perfect for those looking for a romantic experience. These Balinese looking huts feel airy and light with their high triangular bamboo roofs and large glass windows looking out to the forest.

*  Up to 4 people

*  1 double bed

*  2 single bunk beds*  Private bathroom

*  Shared shower

*  Terrace with seating are

Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-22 um 17.56.53.png


Perfect for those looking for a romantic experience. These Balinese looking huts feel airy and light with their high triangular bamboo roofs and large glass windows looking out to the forest.

*  For up to 4 people

*  1 double bed

*  2 single bunk beds*  Private bathroom

*  Shared shower

*  Terrace with seating area

Be part of the Embodied Impact Movement

Who you are and what is calling you here is not something you can know in your mind, only something you can sense.

Are you on the edge of impact? 

 Please fill out the following registration form & we will be in touch!


Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-27 um 20.26.57.png
Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-27 um 20.26.52.png


refund policy

we want to create a space of commitment. Therefor the ticket is non refundable ticket unless emergency situation. All sales are final.


Do I have to have a business to attend? 

Short answer is No. And this space is for those with some level of clarity already  on what they would like to bring more of to the world and go a level deeper. 


how to get there

there are various options:

bus / taxi or with a private shuttle. You will coordinate it by yourself in a group. We will connect you with each other.


what is the food like?

We believe organic and homemade produce is best, and we support working in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way.

You will have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


We can't wait to create an impact with you!
Melanie Sophie & Bishop

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